Italian Suppliers is the showcase of Made in Italy products for Italy and abroad.

The products, all high-end, are destined for customers who know how to promote the Made in Italy, appreciating the advantages and peculiarities. We cover several product categories, sometimes offering products that satisfy only a market niche but with high added value.

The companies represented here are leaders in their sector and meet the highest quality standards.
The products and companies that represent the excellence of Made in Italy thanks to innovative software techniques have wide visibility on the web reaching international buyers. We also carry out supplier research for any product, always Made in Italy.

Italian Suppliers: Clients choose us!


  • Mechanics
  • Plastics/Rubber
  • Machinery
  • Furnishing

The co-operation with Italian companies, leaders in their fields of application with the most technologically advanced and sophisticated machinery, allows us to offer:

  • parts by drawing
  • standard and special screws and bolts
  • special tools and inserts for chip removal machining
  • machine parts and spare parts
  • locks

The Italian companies we work with are today an international point of reference in the areas of clean room molding and plastic treatment. In particular we can offer:

  • details printed in clean room
  • contact lenses, bottles for liquids and caps
  • dispenser for granules and globules
  • way wipers and rubber bellows
  • injection moulded parts

The multi-year presence on the market and the continuous technological updating have allowed Italian companies to supply high quality products in accordance with all the reference standards. We can offer:

  • sheet metal working machines
  • steel pipe and hoses production lines
  • automatic systems for screwing and assembly
  • automatic machines for cosmetics
  • design and construction of cryogenic liquids storage and transport systems

The col-operation with companies in the sector with architects supported by a technical sales staff allows us to offer:

  • custom-made furniture for the commercial sector
  • custom-made furnishings for the residential and office sector
  • custom-made furnishings for hotels and restaurants